Saturday, December 17, 2011

What I said I would do and a little Christmas too!

In explanation. That last blog was written Monday night. My last post where I said I would be more diligent was Sunday morning. This week has been crazy and I have found it very hard to sit and write in the evenings after sitting in front of a computer for many hours of the day or busily working with other things my job entails. In short the week was tough and I was really tired! lol....

However, I will be off starting today through the New Year's holiday! Woohoo Go me!
I thought what I would do was go back and catch up on some of the things I have been working on and show you pictures of those things.

I have a lot of things to make and finish before Christmas so I will squeeze this in at break times away from the sewing machine or glue gun.

I know you all will understand well at least those of you who are following me for now. Or those who know me in person because many of you know how hard I work and how little I rest!

So....more later. But maybe I can find something to leave you with now just to wet your whistle.

Yep! Found something! Since Christmas is upon us and I have never blogged about this little quilt I made last year I decided I could show you how this one progressed before I go start the day of sewing and whatever else oh yeah cooking for tomorrow begins.

This is a design I came up with myself for a nine block pattern quilt with stripping in between and along the top, bottom and edges. Don't ask me to name it because I don't have a name. lol Well maybe I can name it. I was reading back over before posting and I came up with a name! Dance of the Evergreens!

This is the finished quilt. Well the pieces quit that is. I haven't finished it out and had it quilted yet.
This is what I call applique the easy way! I taught a class on this during a program we held at the public library. It wasn't for this particular pattern but the technique used to create the design.

I am going to add each block so you can see the detail of each one as they go.
This was the most difficult one I tried, It originally had a curl at the top but it wouldn't work when I stitched it so I had to modify the pattern.

I started each block with a paper design. 

Then transferred that paper design to the back of fabric that had ironed on fusible web ironed on. It is easier to draw your pattern on the fabric once it has been ironed because you are drawing on paper.

The trick to remember with transferring your patterns to the back of the fabric/paper is that if a design is supposed to go a certain way you need to revers the pattern or when you turn it over to iron it to the block it will be backwards from the way you intended it to be. Don't worry, I warn you because I have done this before myself. You know what they say about the warning labels on appliances! There is a reason for them! Someone actually caused that warning to be there because they actually did what it warns against. Case in point. So if you do this count yourself lucky if you have extra fabric because it happens. 

This design by far was the hardest to sew and to figure out the placement. 

I had the most fun with this one! I don't know why but it was so fun to me!

This one reminds me of the topiarys you will find beside many doorways.

I loved this one too! It reminds me of a log cabin. My aunt and uncle live in one so it made me think of them when I was making this block. Not to mention if you decide to do this one not only in the reds, pinks and greens like I did you can use scraps! Especially for this design!

This last one was just a little fun design I thought would be easy to stitch and would give a short squatty tree.

Never let it be said that I didn't leave you with something to ponder. I am not leaving you with a pattern. I do realize this is what many would want but that is to come later. First of all I have to learn how to link a pattern from page to page then I have to decide if I am going to give this one away or if I am going to make it into a pattern for sale or let you all have it for nothing. We shall see. More later. I hope you enjoy!

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