Monday, October 26, 2009

Sad but true!

Ha ha ha ha ha! A wise man once said "It is better to have all your eggs nestled in a basket than to have them rolling about"

To that I say, "Well at least I know where all my eggs are and none of them are getting dirty!" "My eggs stay put in the basket until I decide they are ready to hatch!"

Now put that in the tense of projects started and completed and you will most likely understand that little rant!

And yeah I know it is pretty sad that it has been since March when I last posted a blog.
What can I say life has been one thing after another.
I sit here working at a desk that has no less than 20 tasks waiting on me and what do I choose to do but enter a blog. lol...
To speak on my own behalf however, I find myself waiting on other people to finish the tasks I have! Grrr...
Originally this blog was set up to give news and examples of all the cool things I have been working on.
However, (comma) lol I have been remiss in posting as there are so many other things that seem to mask the majority of my time!
Also I have been having a bit of a problem with the pictures of the projects I want to post for you guys. Right format but just can't seem to make them do what I need them to do! (dang it!)
I am still working on postings. Please stay tuned!

Current project at home Christmas baby quilts.

Current project at work....anything and everything!

We have Pumpkin Bash coming up on Saturday.
An annual event that brings in no less than 2 to 3 hundred kids and parents each year.
This will be our 31st annual event!
You would think by now we would have it down pat huh!
We have all new games planned with the old favorites smashed in there!
Duck pond, cupcake walk, fishing booth, golf, ring toss.
New this year we have toliet paper toss, magic door and "pumpkin chunkin". Lets hope the weather is nice for that one. If not we are going to have to cancel for fear of having a building that smells like rotten pumpkin until next year!

More later!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's Just the beginning

So here we are the first blog of many! Add Image
What to say and how to start...hmmmm.......
So many things I COULD say so many things I WANT to say!
Play it safe?
Go out on a limb?
Cross the street without looking or holding a hand?
All questions that deserve answers.
But when you would rather not think at all it's a good thing you joined me.
Tonly thing you will find here are Random Rants in Creativity.