Friday, September 24, 2010

A love that grew from color

As always I have found something new I want to try! I have addictions! We all know we have them but you know what they say. Half the problem is to know you have one...or something like that. Well I have an addiction to color! Lately that addiction has reared it's ugly head in fabric. Yard after yard after yard! Red, yellow & blue! Oh, and any other color those make. HA...laugh with me because we ALL know those three colors make ALL the other COLORS!!! See the delima???? It's sad really it is an addiction that has been passed from my Mother to me! "Thanks Mom!" So long story short and realizing I do indeed have a problem and needed a way to deal with the surplus of that problem I started quilting!
Let's just say I have found a new LOVE! It started about a two or so years ago when a friend of mine was expecting a baby (she turned out beautiful I might add) and I started thinking about how it would be great if I could make the baby something special. While I didn't get to make her a quilt before the baby was born I was just too fresh into the hobby. However, she did get a stack of bigs and burb cloths handmade of flannel just in time for the baby's arrival. She says they worked great and so did the next friend that had a baby when I gave her a stack very similar. They came to be known as the "Candie Bibs" lol. For whatever that is worth I think they were well liked an used!
I I started quilting about that time and was a little frustrated at first but grew to love the hobby as my skills developed. I find myself a little over two years, give or take teaching others a craft I have just recently learned myself. It is always so great to be able to pass on something you have learned to someone else! I think I was always meant to be a teacher! I love the look on people's faces when they have that Ah Ha moment! There is nothing else like it! Kind of like when you hand a kid an unexpected present, their eyes get as big around as saucers! WOW you are giving me a preset just because????
I finished the quilt I started yesterday. All I lacked was the binding. This is the one I am proud of, not the most per say but in a way I suppose I am. I made the whole thing myself, even the quilting! And what will happen to it? I am giving it away as a Christmas present for that second baby in this story! I hardly ever keep things I make. For me it is the joy of making something for someone else that means so much. I like the making and the giving. That is my reward. I used to feel guilty for giving handmade gifts so much until people started telling me to never think that way because when I gave away something I made I was giving away part of myself because it took my time and effort to create that item for someone else. They always tell me it means more if you take the time to make it rather than throw down a credit card and buy something. So guilt no more! lol
I will take pics of that first quilt soon but until I am able I will post a couple others I have recently completed. All but one, the "Blue Jean Jesus" has been on display at the local library. "Jesus" will be there later in the month of October.