Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's Been A Long Time

Perhaps you could say this is a New Year's resolution before the New Year comes?
I don't know? What I do know is that I should have been writing all along. I come
in contact with too many people each day that want to know, "Do you have a blog?"
or "Do you have an Etsy store?" or "Do you have any of your patterns online where
we can do the kinds of things you do?".
Well currently the answer would be a flat out NO to one of those I don't have patterns
online so all you guys can do the kinds of things I do.
Yes I DO have an Etsy store however,
I currently have nothing for sell there.
YES I do have a blog,
Now the question will come...
"When are you going to sell things in your Etsy store?"
Well that takes way more time than most people realize!
You have to take the pictures,
write the descriptions and put all of the required things online. And since I am so close to
the end of 2011 now I figure why not start fresh in 2012 so I won't have to worry about
things for taxes in 2011.
So in short look for things in 2012!
Patterns online for things that I make?
Well I am not sure about that one....
From time to time you may see things here but since those are mostly original designs
they are things that I could also have on my Etsy store. I will have to give that one some
And the blog well of course that is where the New Year's resolution comes in
before the New Year starts. I am going to try and be better about writing and posting
pics for 2012 so you guys won't have to ask so many questions and I can direct you to
where I am and what I am doing.
All I ask is that you be a little understanding of my 40 hour a week and sometimes more
work week and not hold my feet to the fire if I go a few days without writing!
I went through and updated my picture and added a little more about myself to my profile.
So now that I have given you my plans let me see if I can give you what I am working on today.
Hope you like what I have to offer!
More later.....

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