Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's Over Now We Rest!

I am sure I like many find it a bit of a comfort and at the same time a bit of a let down that Christmas is over.

What even some of my close friends and family do not know about me is that I love to write rhyming poetry.

I do write and have written ones that do not rhyme but my most favorite are the ones that make you think and ponder upon something said that is....
Oh, quite familiar something you might hear coming from that cat with a hat and funny feet, the one that has stories about every thing you can think!
Who is he?
What is his name?
Well if you don't know you might not like what I write.
 If you don't like! I'll make you a deal.
You can shut your eyes tight!
Oh, yes I am for real!
I would never make you read something you did not like.
But if you are ready, hold on tight for a rhyming we go to a place many know!

A Christmas Sigh:

We have put it behind us.
The holiday that started with one small babe
That for some has become a day they would trade.
Mary and Joseph traveled far and in GOD did trust.
To bring the greatest gift to all of us!
CHRISTmas what does it mean now?
It used to be something for which all bowed
Has it become something we dread?
Or does it come from a list in your head?
Is this what christmas has become?
We will no longer worry which gift is right for whom.
Or which one would like bottle of sweet perfume.
The tree stands bare, with no presents under there.
The time to finish it was close with not much to spare.
The holiday tables were gracious.
Gathering with family in places so spacious.
The children are happy.
Santa came and made it snappy.
They got what they wanted most
And now for the adults its time for a post
Very long Christmas nap!
No need to disturb with a tap.
Your toys you have to keep you busy
If I don't get a nap I shall become quite dizzy!
It's over,
It's done,
The clean up has begun,
Put things away for next years day
With hopes that we celebrate in a whole different way!

This year has really made me stop and think about some of the things we all rush around and do for Christmas. I have made a promise to myself that I will not do to myself what I did this year and run around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to finish things at the last minute. Most of those being things I was making for people.
I have decided what I am making already for several people and I am going to do them, get them finished so when it comes that time of year I can sit back and enjoy putting up my tree and everything else I enjoy about Christmas!
I think for me it was stressful and hard because I didn't leave enough time to do something I love dearly, cooking! I have all the ingredients for several things I wanted to make and did not allow the time to do them. Some might not understand this but for me it is very important to be able to get my holiday cooking done. Without it I feel "my" Christmas was incomplete. Another thing that blocks what it really means? Maybe but it if is what makes me happy and it takes away my joy of Christmas, I view it not as something that takes the place of but adds to what Christmas means to me! I will change what I can change and what I can't GOD will help me through. I miss you Daddy! Christmas is not the same without you!
Thanks for reading.

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