Monday, December 12, 2011

It ' s 10 pm do you know where your icing spatula is.?

When just a little while ago you were up to your elbows in batter for cupcakes and cakes, you now search drawers and cabinets for the one tool to finish the job! Your kitchen is a mess, the stove top now needs a good cleaning but the cakes and cupcakes are all done and cool and screaming for their ICING!
Yes I could use a piping bag and tip for the cupcakes and I shall but to make quick easy work of the cakes I need my spatula!
As I search thoughts of how someone has hidden the object I seek begin to surface. Not only that but the tune to a very popular Christian based cartoon with vegetable characters begins to play! The tune was a little different. It went a little something like this;
Oh where is my spatula? Oh where is my spatula? Oh where Oh where Oh where Oh whereeeeee is my SPATULA? Characters exit stage right.
Before I had a chance to launch into the next tune of loss from a long running and also very popular TV show taking place primarily in a corn field where someone is lost and a loved one is search in, I found the spatula!
Antics over and all songs sung the cakes are iced and ready for the eager hands of the best group of kids I know! Boy Scout Troop 27 of The Louisiana Purchase Council!
The things we aunts, moms, dads  and other volunteers do for the youth of America! However, time spent molding these young men is never wasted!
Time has proven that Boy Scouts of America produces leaders! If you are curious just look into the backgrounds of some of our Nations presidents! Well since some of you never will I decided I will give you that background myself. This information comes straight from the website I list below. To list a few I will begin with the names of presidents you are sure to recognize then a bit about Roosevelt and how he basically brought the Boy Scouts of America into the White House if you will. The list of presidents you will recognize who were scouts; George W Bush, William H Clinton, George H W Bush, Ronald Reagan, James E Carter, Gerald R Ford, Nixon, Johnson, Kennedy, Eisenhower, Truman and last but certainly not least we have Roosevelt. Here is a little commentary on what he did with his time as a scout leader.
Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1933-1945

President Roosevelt was the first to enter the White House with a record as an active Scout leader. He was president of the Greater New York Council of the Boy Scouts of America. In 1934, hundreds of thousands of Scouts assembled to hear President Roosevelt’s broadcast appealing for help for the needy. They responded by collecting nearly two million articles of clothing, household furnishings, and other items for disadvantaged families. When FDR died in 1945, he had a 24-year record of service in Scouting.

“As one who has been interested in Scouting over many years, it has been most heartening to have so many evidences of the practical values of Scout training. We must remember that next to active military service itself, there is no higher opportunity for serving our country than helping youth to carry on in their efforts to make themselves physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight, and prepared to help their country to the full in time of war, as well as in time of peace. We must make sure that those volunteer agencies, which are supplementing the church, the home, and the school by providing programs that will help equip the present generation to cope with life problems in the difficult days ahead, are maintained to their maximum capacity and effectiveness.”

I am proud to take even a small part in Scouts and also proud to say that our family boasts five generations of Scouts under the same pack number 27! I don't know of many families who can say they have a history in Scouts with the same number going back that far! Not only do we have that history but my sister married into a family that her husband is now a second generation Cub Master and has now moved to Scouts as his boys have gotten older and is now an assistant Scout leader. Not only does he play an active role there but my sister does as well. They are there rain or shine and so are their two boys who will soon be 12 and 13. We all hope they both stick with it long enough to make it through to Eagle Scout level as this is such a prestigious honor held by only those who take it seriously and who know its importance!
While I may not play as much of an active role as my sister and BROTHER-in-law...I do have a shirt with al the proper patches (the required uniform) and am a registered member of the Boy Scouts of American. I make sure I keep my status up to date and do whatever I need to do to assure that if I am needed I can be called upon at any moment to show up and help wherever I can.

I encourage you if you have boys to get them involved with this organization! There are so MANY great values they learn that I couldn't begin to explain how it could profoundly change their lives and mold who they become. Never was a smarter parent that becomes an active part in their child's life! God gave your those children trusting you would take care of them! It is your job to trust he knew what he was doing trusting you and also trust him to guide you in the way that you should go in all that you do with your family and your lives.  *steps down from soap box*

If you want to take part in Scouts or have your boys take part contact your local troupe for more information. Or go to

If there isn't a troop in your area maybe that is where you are being called to serve? There are young boys out there everywhere who need positive role models to follow! Many youth in America come from broken homes and have no comparison or a male figure. You could possible become that guide in this very important way!

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